The best foods that lower blood pressure

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Today we’re going to show you the foods that can be your best allies in the fight against hypertension and you should include in your diet, these are:

1. Dandelion


If you suffer a fluid retention problem, dandelion can help because it helps to increase the flow of urine and also helps to reduce blood pressure. You can eat it raw in salads or make an infusion of tea with the leaves and drink daily.

2. Ginger


This herb is commonly used for cooking, but although we usually consume it, most people don’t know its health benefits, including the regulation of high blood pressure. In addition to this, it is also useful to treat nausea, facilitate digestion and improve blood flow.

Although it can be very beneficial, we must bear in mind that some people can have side effects such as: allergic reactions, irritation of the mouth, heartburn or gastric problems, therefore, care must be taken when swallowing it.

3. Garlic


Garlic is rich in vitamins A, B and C. There are many presentations, in oils, fresh roots, liquid extracts, supplements, powder or raw. This food can help reduce blood pressure up to 10% thanks to its vasodilator effect, so it could be said that it is the best ally against hypertension. To get the best out of garlic it is advisable to consume 1 a day, preferably raw, although it can be included in the meals in the form of sauce or creams.


4. Celery


It helps increase the flow of urine and relaxes the muscles of the blood vessels, which helps lower blood pressure. In addition, it serves to reduce oxidative stress in the heart.

5. Cocoa


It acts as an antioxidant, which helps prevent heart disease and also has benefits for the brain system, such as improving memory. According to researchers, a 3.5-ounce dose of cocoa a day is as effective as taking a daily dose of a high-pressure medicine.

6. Valerian


It helps the smooth muscles that line the arterial walls to relax, preventing them from narrowing and causing the blood pressure to drop. In addition to being very good as a tranquilizer and natural anti-inflammatory. It can be taken in an infusion, although it can also come in the form of a capsule.

7. Turmeric


Turmeric is famous for being the main ingredient of curry, but apart from being used for this, it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that reduce the level of cholesterol and help strengthen the blood vessels of the body, as well as being very good at lowering blood pressure.

8. Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is famous for its many uses in natural medicine, among the most recognized are: improves memory, improves blood circulation and dilates arteries. It is recommended to make an infusion with the dried leaves and ingest.


9. Parsley


Parsley is one of the best to lower high blood pressure and maintain a stable blood pressure, it also helps control cholesterol levels in the blood, improves digestion due to its high fiber content, among other benefits. It can be taken in tea infusion or sautéed with food.

10. Grape


It is a semi-acid fruit, used to combat persistent anemia, lower blood pressure, diuretize blood, among other medicinal uses.

To combat the sudden attacks of high blood pressure, you should have breakfast for 10 days with the grape or its juice. Diabetic people should not do this treatment.

11. Pear


The pear helps strengthen the heart, hydrate the body, normalize blood pressure, purify the blood and cleanse the kidneys, as well as being diuretic, laxative, astringent and sedative. For its consumption, it is recommended to wash and eat it when it is well ripe (without being decomposed), it can be eaten at any time of the day, although if you have diarrhea or dysentery (disease that causes inflammation of the colon and intestines) it is not recommended to consume it.

12. Kiwi


The kiwi has a lot of vitamin C, is a diuretic, laxative and has a lot of fiber, it also has very few calories and according to studies it helps to reduce the pressure. It is recommended to consume 2 or 3 kiwis every two days, in this way our blood pressure will improve considerably.


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Besides we already mentioned the best foods to lower blood pressure, we are going to show you certain foods that influence your high blood pressure and you should avoid them at all costs if you want to have a stable blood pressure.

Foods that all hypertensive people should avoid



Although it is essential for our health. Being high in sodium causes the body to retain water (fluid), which causes blood pressure to rise. Therefore, avoid eating foods with high sodium content, such as sausages, processed foods, etc. Although it is not easy to leave the salt from one moment to another, it is recommended that to not make it so hard to change from eating salted foods to eating them without salt or low in salt, you cook each time with less salt to the point that you make a habit and you get used to that.



Although it is delicious, you should know that it has a high sodium content, so it is best to avoid it.

Drinks with caffeine


Coffee along with other caffeinated beverages (such as energy drinks, black soda like Coca Cola or Pepsi, teas such as green tea, black tea, etc.) consumed excessively, has an effect that influences the increase in blood pressure.

Diet sodas

Diet soda

Many have the impression that diet sodas are healthier than sugary ones. But they are terrible for people suffering from high blood pressure. According to studies, consuming diet soda daily can increase your chances of having cardiovascular problems by 61%.

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Tomato sauce, mayonnaise and other dressings

These dressings and many more, usually have high sodium content so you should avoid them.



Bread and other bakery products contain high levels of sodium and saturated fats, so they make the pressure rise, in addition to having high content of refined flours, consuming too much these foods can also lead to other diseases such as diabetes and overweight.

Sausage meats

Sausage meats

Although these meats have a pleasant taste, some years ago their consumption was discouraged because they provide large amounts of saturated fats and chemical compounds that affect health. In addition to this, its high salt content, added to calories and preservatives, increases the inflammation of the tissues and hinders circulation through the arteries.

All this in the long term can influence diseases such as diabetes and obesity.



Pickles are foods that are dipped in a salt or vinegar solution and their goal is to extend the conservation of food, some pickled foods can be gherkins, carrots, onions, olives, etc.

Although they are low in calories, they are high in sodium and this can increase your pressure, so they should be avoided.

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