How to lower high blood pressure?

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Blood pressure measurement

Blood pressure is considered a condition, a disease that affects blood flow, which is transmitted by pumping the heart. About half of the population of the United States over 20 years has high blood pressure, and many do not even know it, due to the little care that is given to health or because it is ignored that the person can be a hypertensive. Hypertension is also the main cause that causes people to suffer from heart diseases, such as heart disease, myocardial infarction, or in the most severe case, cerebrovascular complications and renal insufficiency when the kidney is affected by the sudden rise in blood pressure.

Approximately 30 people around the world die every day because of this type of heart problem. Another small percentage ignores that they are hypertensive.

When we talk about hypertension in populations, it is believed that 30% to 40% of the adult population suffers from high blood pressure, while in the elderly population it has 60% from people who reach 60 years of age, and in children the population covers 12%. However, it remains a latent danger even for the little ones. Comparing the statistics, hypertension in the entire population reaches more than 100 percent, so the risk of having this problem and not taking measures to neutralize the pressure in case it is too late to get to the hospital are high, finally leading to problems already mentioned.

That is why it is important to learn the best tips on how to lower high blood pressure when we are in places far from care centers, so that you can stay calm and control the situation with the help of home and natural remedies or by means of daily exercise routines that help regulate and maintain blood pressure within its normal parameters.

If the levels are high to the estimates it is advisable that you lie down and try to rest, this will help you to calm the pressure.    

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How to lower blood pressure immediately?

If you are looking for ways to lower high blood pressure quickly because you are in a situation where you do not have blood pressure pills, have no prescription, or simply want to lower your blood pressure without leaving home, you can resort to certain natural remedies that eventually work to get blood pressure to regulate immediately and improve blood pressure equally.

Some of the recommended natural remedies to be able to regulate it are:

  • Lemon: Lemon is one of the main remedies for lowering pressure quickly. A juice prepared with water and lemon (without sugar) helps a lot with lowering blood pressure levels. You can also mix it with coconut water and garlic in addition, since these also have vasodilating properties that cause blood pressure to fall considerably, showing an improvement.
  • Garlic: As we have already said, garlic has a property that helps to lower the tension when it is high, thanks to its action of vasodilator (action of contracting the walls of the veins) and antioxidant. One way to use it when suffering from an attack of hypertension is eating one or two whole garlics, or on the contrary to prepare it with water, placing the crushed and shelled garlic in water for 8 hours in the refrigerator, after that time is recommended to drink on an empty stomach for a better effect. By taking it in this way, the blood will begin to be transmitted slowly throughout the body and blood pressure will stabilize (Its use is recommended once a day).
  • Canary seed: Canary seed also has vasodilating properties that help lower high blood pressure immediately, either prepared as a tea or consumed directly in grains. To prepare a canary seed tea so you can take it daily, you should only have cinnamon and water; Place all ingredients in a pot over medium heat and boil in a period of 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Valerian: Valerian is considered an important anxiolytic (tranquillizer) to calm people suffering from anxiety, as it has relaxing properties for the nervous system, thus decreasing the high pressure that develops in these states. It is prepared as a kind of tea, and you just have to boil water and valerian (or chamomile essence) in a pot for 5 to 10 minutes.

Increase tea intake is good for lowering blood pressure, because its relaxing effect helps to keep the body in a state of relaxation, causing the heart diastole to decrease its function by keeping a few seconds closed helping to get less blood through the torrent blood in a constant way.

  • Eat foods rich in vitamins and omega 3 (salmon, tuna, fish, nuts, etc.). Also, you should avoid eating foods rich in sugars, oils or sodium.
  • Eat pear once a day, as they are rich in vitamins, fiber, magnesium and have a high-water content.
  • If your hypertension is due to a period of intense stress, you should remain calm; Close your eyes and do a breathing exercise, inhale and exhale deeply in order to relax. It is also recommended that you take a long break when dealing with strong emotions that may have affected you deeply. Along with this it is necessary to drink beverages such as natural juices of lemon or other fruit free of sugar, garlic, coconut or olive oil with ginger.

In cases where you have chest pains in conjunction with severe headaches, dizziness and the loss of the notion of time, it is recommended to first stay calm, breathe deeply and slowly, and wait for the symptoms to pass by themselves. In case it gets worse, you should call the emergency line urgently. Although these remedies are considered good in emergency situations, it is advisable that after noticing that the pressure has dropped and stabilized, go to a doctor for special treatment to be able to control blood pressure more safely and simple.         

Although these remedies are considered good in emergency situations, it is advisable that after noticing that the pressure has dropped and stabilized, go to a doctor for special treatment to be able to control blood pressure more safely and simple.


How to control high blood pressure?

In case you want to control your blood pressure you can take into account these tips to regulate it and keep blood pressure stable always, avoiding alterations in it.

In order to have our pressure values in a normal state, it is necessary to adapt to a varied routine of relaxing activities and healthy habits such as following a cycle of cardiovascular exercises, diets, etc.

Some methods that can help you control high blood pressure are:

  • Exercises:

Exercises are an effective and moderate way to get the tension down quickly because it regulates the heart and makes it stronger, so it will require less effort to achieve more impulse to flow blood. If you have a daily physical activity you can make blood pressure reach an adequate level, where it remains at its normal value level depending on your age, and thus also help control your weight by avoiding obesity, which is another factor that can influence the appearance of hypertension.

You can do all kinds of aerobic physical activity and flexibility exercises and strengthening of muscles such as lifting weights, jogs, squats and others. This is not to say that you should go into a gym, but establish a cycle of basic and simple exercise routines you can do at home. It is recommended to do them in a period of an hour and a half to two hours several times a week.

  • Diet:

Diet should be considered one of the most important steps to control blood pressure, so to achieve this you must follow a diet called DASH. This type of diet focuses solely and exclusively on the consumption of fruits, vegetables, cereals or everything that is derived from the earth and animals not chemically processed. It is about avoiding canned products or those that have been passed through a preservation process, which is placed on the food on display (mostly sodium components and preservatives), which can cause an increase in the blood pressure. It is also recommended to maintain a regular intake of water, so that the body must be hydrated and in this way the organs can obtain nutrients to maintain their proper functions.

  • Eliminate or reduce the consumption of salt:

Sodium is an active component that is responsible for increasing the vasodilators of the body, causing the heart to pump more blood than it should and increase the pressure. However, it has been shown that sugar has the same effect, so in the DASH diet foods with a minimum degree of sodium and sugar are consumed. Keeping consumption low will help burn calories and cardiovascular diseases begin to decrease considerably.

  • Eliminate the vices:

Tobacco, drugs, and stimulant pharmaceutical medicines are those that cause internal injuries in our body, decreasing their capacity for production and function, and causing a very considerable increase in blood vessels, increasing blood flow. Therefore, eliminating tobacco and stimulant drugs will help to maintain a normal blood pressure.

  •  Avoid stress:

This is the most important of all, since it is due to stress when there is a greater increase in blood pressure due to the hormones that are in constant operation to produce adrenaline and cortisol, thereby accelerating the heart and increasing blood pressure. Although terrible moments or extreme situations cannot be avoided, it is recommended that the best way to avoid it is to remain calm, entering meditation. If you have a stressful job yoga is an activity that can help you stay calm and a state of important relaxation, to achieve control of the body at times of greatest tension.

  • It is recommended to drink coffee in a regulated way, since in some cases depending on the person, it may raise the pressure.

Blood pressure is not a game and therefore it can’t be taken lightly, if we feel bad and we know that we suffer from hypertension or hypotension (low blood pressure). We must have a constant control of records of the level of pressure, be careful and adopt healthy habits to maintain a stable pressure, in which we can feel physically well, even though we don’t present the symptoms.

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